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In this fast-moving world, you can’t trust everyone with your money, but you can be rest assured that your money with us is in safe hands. We can send your money to your desired recipient with in 24 hours, We can also provide you with a glimpse of an eye service where your remitted funds are available at the pay-out location after fulfillment of all our KYC and Due Diligence requirements and procedures. We are in the process of registering with FCA and HMRC as Money Service Business for Money Remittance Services. Once registered then we can offer our services to you.

How we can serve you

We at Pamir International Ltd recognize the need to establish a reliable, secure, fast, compliant, professional and transparent organisation to better serve the communities who work hard and support their family and loved ones abroad. We welcome everyone to use our services especially we would like to offer our services to such hard working communities who send money to support their family and loved ones with no extra charge.  We have created a platform, system and opportunity to make use of the most of current technologies and facilities to be compliant and also offer fast, reliable and secure remittance services to our customers with the options of online transfer, face to face in branch cash payments, or via our App.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send money through Pamir International Ltd.?

You can send money by the following ways:

1. Online transfer: You need to be registered first by completing our registration form and sending us your verified and attested ID or you can come to our office to have your ID documents checked and verified, then you can use our online transfer option.

2. You can visit our office to get registered first and then you can pay cash.

3. Once registered you can also use our App to remit your money with us

For your convenience you can also certify your ID by a solicitor, bank, or at any post office near you. Please refer to this for further information regarding document certification services, i.e. www.postoffice.co.uk/document-certification-service, or any eligible body. Alternatively as mentioned you can first visit our office regarding verification for your initial transaction and then can enjoy transferring from your account or using our App for future transactions.

Do I need proof of my Identification Documents?

Yes you will need to have your proof of ID regardless of any amount being sent. For transactions upto £2500 you will need to present Your Primary ID (Your Passport, Driving Licence, national ID card or any Government issued ID bearing your photograph, name and date of birth). For transactions from £2501 to £4500 you need to present your Primary ID and your Secondary ID (Proof of Address e.g. Utility bill not older than 3 months, council tax bill etc.) and for the amounts £4501 to £6500 you will to present your primary and secondary ID, your bank statement or wages slip (Proof of Income) and for larger £6500 you will need to provide all of the above documents alongwith source of funds declaration, Purpose of transfer and Employment details.

What documents are acceptable proof of ID?

As part of Pamir International Ltd’s customer due diligence measures, we must identify individuals. We obtain a private individual’s full name, date of birth and residential address as a minimum. We verify these using current government issued documents with the customer’s full name and photo, with a customer’s date of birth or residential address such as: ● a valid passport ● a valid photo card driving licence (full or provisional) ● a national identity card ● a firearms certificate ● an identity card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland, etc…

What documents are acceptable for proof of Address?
A proof of address is a document that proves residential status of a person and should not be older than three months. The following documents can accepted as a proof of address. 1. Utility bills – Water, Gas, Electric, Phone (We Don’t accept mobile phone bills) 2. Bank Statements/Credit card Statements. 3. Council Tax Bill 4. HMRC notification letter etc…
How much fee will I be charged for each transaction?
We do not charge any fee. We only take margin in the currency rate provided to you. Please ask for an updated rate for your designated currency being sent before placing your transaction.

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